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#1540 Ecospace Fleet order does not change assessed immediate Ecospace 6.5
#1559 Numeric up/down controls not blocked entirey from editing jeroens assessed urgent Overall GUI 6.6 beta
#1539 "Save file as" dialogues should not show "all supported file types" jeroens assessed high User Interface 6.5
#1527 Monte Carlo does not report successful output saving jeroens assessed normal Monte Carlo 6.5
#1530 EwE6 needs out-of-the-box support for generating .eiixml files jeroens assessed normal Database / Import 6.5
#1531 Need a way to order habitats jeroens assessed normal Overall GUI 6.5
#1532 Need a way to sketch only on one habitat layer jeroens assessed normal Overall GUI 6.5
#1534 Import pedigree from another model jeroens assessed normal User Interface 6.5
#1537 MPA maps are Boolean now assessed normal Ecospace 6.5
#1544 Effor ShapeGrid does not handle the 'all fleets' shape correctly jeroens assessed normal Shape grids plug-in 6.5
#1545 Add units to environmental driver layers jeroens assessed normal Overall GUI 6.5
#1546 Add units to legend images jeroens assessed normal Overall GUI 6.5
#1548 Ecospace maps does not load well when there are no fleets assessed normal Ecospace 6.5
#1549 Plug-in update no longer works jeroens assessed normal Overall Plugins 6.5
#1552 External datasets slow to load jeroens assessed normal Spatial temporal data framework 6.6 beta
#1556 Seasonal changes not applied long-term assessed normal Ecosim 6.6 beta
#1558 External data indexing stops jeroens not assessed normal Ecospace 6.6 beta
#1557 Seasonal pattern not extended correctly when extending Ecosim run length assessed low Ecosim 6.6 beta
#1547 Forcing function application bug assessed NOT SET NOT SET 6.5
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