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#1588 Model from Sim gets the time steps wrong not assessed high Ecopath from Ecosim plug-in 6.6 beta
#1589 Discard and landings TS in plots not assessed high Ecosim 6.6 beta
#1555 Advection direction is not obvious assessed normal Ecospace 6.6 beta
#1567 Apply shape dialog should show selected effect when row or col are clicked assessed normal Ecosim 6.6 beta
#1582 Cannot enter pedigree values outsude pre-defined classifications jeroens assessed normal Pedigree 6.6 beta
#1585 Show progress when exporting spatial temporal data jeroens assessed normal Spatial temporal data framework 6.6 beta
#1593 Time step not correctly used not assessed normal Ecopath from Ecosim plug-in 6.6 beta
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