{10} Tickets needing assessment (27 matches)

Active tickets that have not yet been assessed

Ticket Summary Component Severity Type Created
#1077 Ascendency and overhead (but not capacity) calculated on exports are wrong Network Analysis plug-in major NOT SET 2012-01-29
#1101 Add discards time series to Ecosim NOT SET feature NOT SET 2012-05-25
#1181 Discard Mortality rate dialogue should be moved to MSE Ecosim major NOT SET 2012-10-29
#1035 Ecosim effort time series not operating on model /creating own effort series Ecosim NOT SET NOT SET 2011-08-04
#1038 Ecospace leaking discards into non-fished habitat boxes Ecospace NOT SET NOT SET 2011-08-15
#1307 possible Monte Carlo bug Monte Carlo NOT SET NOT SET 2013-11-30
#1400 Ecospace effort not distributing as expected Ecospace major not assessed 2015-12-14
#1384 Possible bug(s) in the EwE6 Statistics calculations Ecopath minor not assessed 2015-03-01
#1310 Policy search interface problems Fishing Policy Search NOT SET not assessed 2013-11-30
#1312 FMSY problems MSY major not assessed 2013-11-30
#1313 Import Vulnerabilities does not seem to work Overall GUI minor not assessed 2013-11-30
#1389 Ecopath "Habitat area fraction" recalculates Biomass incorrectly for multi-stanza groups Ecopath NOT SET not assessed 2015-06-10
#1542 Add ability to auto-save Ecospace summaries Ecospace feature not assessed 2017-11-10
#445 Ecosim diagnostics: F-values Ecosim feature not assessed 2008-04-02
#613 Monte Carlo biomass plot output Ecosim feature not assessed 2009-05-20
#981 MSE effort inconsistent when fishing mortality TS loaded MSE minor not assessed 2011-06-01
#1087 Fishing Policy iteration grid values are not intuitive Fishing Policy Search major not assessed 2012-02-27
#1256 F in EwE6.3 Ecosim major not assessed 2013-08-05
#1257 Ecospace IBM stops run due to Index out of bounds error Ecospace crash not assessed 2013-08-16
#1311 Ecosim 'set to value' problem Ecosim minor not assessed 2013-11-30
#1348 Possible bug in Omnivory Index Ecopath minor not assessed 2014-06-20
#1370 Make sure a model has all default pedigree levels Ecopath minor not assessed 2014-11-04
#403 Add Ecosim results stacked bar plot Ecosim feature not assessed 2008-02-04
#1555 Advection direction is not obvious NOT SET NOT SET not assessed 2018-02-13
#1461 Overflow exception in MSE run NOT SET NOT SET not assessed 2016-05-31
#1493 AIC differences between EwE and Stepwise Fitting Stepwise fitting plug-in NOT SET not assessed 2016-06-13
#1550 Change v's over time NOT SET NOT SET not assessed 2017-12-09
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