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#642 closed Load forcing function from CSV
#803 closed [crash] Timeseries of "average weight" is from CSV.
#794 closed Log file location may not be valid under Win7
#799 closed Recent models list is empty on Win 7
#796 closed New pedigree levels do not stick
#801 closed Pedigree level colors do not get saved for new levels
#795 closed Installation on Win7 64 bit
#797 closed Exception in WebBrowser
#790 closed Models on Ecopath.org too old
#792 closed plugins in BETA
#745 closed Ecosim FiB index is wrong
#793 closed About > Help > Technical reports an error
#787 closed No user manual after installing EwE
#771 closed Database are not recogniced
#791 closed Oct 2010 BETA fails to import certain older models
#789 closed Ecosim "Reset all" fails to set time series enabled/disabled flag
#780 closed Cannot disable Forcing Timeseries
#785 closed Plug-in options interface throws an error when no plug-ins are installed
#784 closed Ecosim may throw an assertion when editing fleet size dynamics
#783 closed EwE is silent when 'Report a bug' a fails
#747 closed Regions out of MPAs
#746 closed Stubborn MPAs - Not deleted
#748 closed Existing plug-in forms do not close when a plug-in is disabled
#781 closed Disabled plug-ins are still activated
#638 closed Suggestion: advection field
#776 closed Installer does not position 'impacts.exe'
#777 closed Network analysis external apps launch messages
#778 closed Default for 'checked' colors should not be green
#775 closed Consumption grid - cannibalism cells error
#773 closed Vulnerabilties all turn to 2 when copied into excel
#774 closed Plug-in updater aborts on unknown .NET dlls
#772 closed Cannot change the order of groups in Ecopath
#770 closed time series-pasting values into new timeseries gives wrong last number
#769 closed Cannot apply mediation and FF to same group
#766 closed Average weight for multistanza
#768 closed Ecospace map does not zoom
#767 closed import from 5 to 6 bug
#765 closed Ecopath detritus groups have PB, QB values
#761 closed Time Series weighting in Fit to time series not working
#764 closed Import fails on invalid file characters
#757 closed Last value of manual changes to Time series not saved
#760 closed Time series values will delete if selected
#763 closed Time series confusion in EwE
#762 closed Ecopath Model Description page fails on updated databases
#758 closed FlowDiagram EwE5 plugin: Load existing diagram (yes/no) will always load new diagram
#749 closed Existing plug-ins do not close forms when the core execution state should invalidate their content
#753 closed Ecosim plots multiple time series cannot be distinguished
#756 closed Plug-in update setting on options form does not stick
#755 closed Auto-updates do not download
#754 closed Plug-ins incorrectly flagged as incompatble when loading multiple versions of an assembly
#752 closed Ecosim Results should not show Cost when catch is forced
#751 closed ecosim group plots only shows forced catches
#738 closed Discarded Bycatch inside Ecospace's MPAs
#744 closed Contaminant Tracer Relative contaminant base map issues
#285 closed Basemap - ecospace basemap draws on bordering cells
#742 closed Contaminant tracer will throw an unhandled exception
#743 closed Monte Carlo does not restore Ecopath after a run
#557 closed Niche Prey and Niche predator Overlap values not consistent
#729 closed csv from Ecosim all fit plot
#741 closed Network Analysis Ecosim CSV file does not list years
#737 closed Ecosim Fishing Mort timeseries and sketched effort
#645 closed Cumulative graph export to csv outputs cumulative (bad)
#736 closed Ecosim fishing mortality shapes do not responded to edit of fishing effort
#740 closed Group name changes not cascaded to some screens
#739 closed Scientific Interface does not handle well stanza groups without life stages
#735 closed Ecosim asserts when plotting data with timeseries
#730 closed MSE form does not refresh some values when scenario is reloaded
#734 closed Imported time series dataset show up as having 0 time series
#731 closed Form tab texts may be confusing
#732 closed Ecotroph error on French system
#728 closed Bug while opening Ecosim that has mediation function
#511 closed Forcing Function beneath the NA indice plot as in EwE5
#725 closed Ecotracer: contact information ends up in tracer scenario description
#726 closed Generic: deleting Ecosim, Ecospace and Ecotracer scenarios make UI unstable
#727 closed Generic: Dusplicating Sim, Space or Tracer scenario may cause data changes to get lost
#724 closed Ecosim vulnerabilities disappearing
#723 closed Tracer Exception when closing
#721 closed Ecosim run plot does not auto-scale Y axis
#708 closed Old code: should users be able to load models from the start page?
#694 closed Ecopath download information needs to provide link to ACCDB drivers
#722 closed Ecospace: Convert MPAs to Regions
#707 closed Ecopath website download links are broken
#720 closed Ecosim TS forms crash on Time Series without valid targets
#719 closed MSE plots crashes when closed
#716 closed Error msgs when deleting forcing functions
#650 closed still problems with non-american computers
#715 closed Number formatting woes when switching language settings
#537 closed Biomass accumulation pop-up notification for every ecosim run
#486 closed Ecopath repeated prompts
#713 closed Crash on deleting Ecospace scenario
#714 closed Ecoseed not giving any results
#711 closed Discards within MPAs in the Gulf of Carpentaria - Northern Australia
#574 closed Network Analysis: cannot open pyramids
#709 closed operation in code
#710 closed Discards within MPAs in the Gulf of Carpentaria - Northern Australia
#706 closed Ecosim: predicted yields are not plotted when yield time series are loaded
#704 closed Ecospace and Timeseries Loading crashes Ecospace interface
#705 closed Exposing Ecosim TL per group
#535 closed CPUE time series not scaled to biomass trajectories for some series
#644 closed Relative biomass Timeseries not plotting properly
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