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#383 closed Run Ecosim -> Change Color -> Time Series Color not changed
#388 closed Show all fits not showing biomass lines or timeseries
#400 closed Policy search run does not update Ecosim run plot
#442 closed Add form under time series
#461 closed Scenario descriptions do not change when loading scenarios
#463 closed Ecosim TimeSeries - Modify Values in the Time series and tumbnail does not update
#464 closed Colors 'Set to default' not working
#465 closed Punctuation characters in EwE5 model names may cause the EwE6 import process to crash
#474 closed Importing model with FF gives 369 graphs
#281 closed Add/ Duplicate egg production shape alters existing graphs
#30 closed Ecospace Define Habitats Fraction variable not exposed by core.
#152 closed Deleting groups from time series tab- jumps to another interface
#169 closed Network analysis: Summary of flow data node in wrong place
#272 closed Cannot create new models
#430 closed detritus groups have EE=-9999.00
#269 closed Ecospace basemap
#81 closed Basic input shading boxes
#193 closed Fishing rate sketchpad stops drawing while the graph is re-sizing
#250 closed Apply Egg Production Crash
#323 closed Apply Egg production reset all button
#327 closed Ecopath multistanza `enter K of VBGF`
#329 closed Run Ecosim -< time default set to 101 years
#361 closed Ecosim plot: Save data - causes crash
#373 closed Saving data from Ecosim plot
#385 closed Fit to Timeseries default weight for stanza group should be 1 not 0
#392 closed Fishing rate not updated after running policy search
#393 closed Fishing rate shape not updated correctly
#394 closed Fishing rate and mortality forms should have (re)set options similar to Run Ecosim form
#398 closed TS import dataset name not correct
#399 closed Policy search GUI tweak: move buttons to more suitable location
#401 closed No clear visual feedback that policy search has completed
#402 closed Policy search: scroll to last result when searching
#415 closed Ecosim -> Plots -> Browse
#417 closed Diet matrix warnings on created models
#261 closed Fishing Policy search needs to redim to new number of Years
#267 closed Stock recruitment plot 'S/R plot' will not draw
#271 closed Ecospace maps will not draw
#280 closed Changing number of ecosim years fails if time series data is loaded
#288 closed Ecospace number of year needs to be the same as Ecosim
#313 closed Time series data not ploting properly
#414 closed remarks bar does not have scroll option
#411 closed Ecosim>FF>Values >cannot select all
#99 closed Basic input--Unassimil. / consumption values- not being calculated correctly
#296 closed Multistanza group ordering
#338 closed Apply egg production: typing in cell causes crash
#353 closed When loading a scenario
#364 closed Edit layers dialogue box: layer name not displaying properly
#365 closed Edit layer - trying to import wrong kind of file causes crash
#366 closed Basemap - pen size carried over
#375 closed Ecosim.vulnerabilities: Set. There should be an option to Set All in one go
#378 closed Shape type box on mediation form should not be there
#387 closed Monte Carlos Max limit for run is only 100
#389 closed Ecosim -> Timeseries -> Bombs if all values are 0
#422 closed Assign Habitats -> Ecospace Area. Calculation of Ecospace Area wrong
#79 closed Summary time steps interface changes
#290 closed Apply Egg production> assigning groups does not save
#305 closed Ecosim output results> time step not constitent with scenario
#318 closed Multistanza naming bug
#320 closed Cannot change visibility state of Ecopath
#332 closed Run Ecosim> group color scheme not set to default
#360 closed Run Ecosim: Missing SS
#369 closed Typo on Edit Groups form
#22 closed Ecospace Depth map does not contain land cells
#76 closed Assign Habitat does not reflect values back into the core
#77 closed Assign habitats interface
#136 closed Ecospace- Basemap- Sketch basemap- not working
#137 closed Assign Habitats-not working
#138 closed Ecospace- Fishery- editing fleet/habitat use- doesnt edit
#241 closed Time series duplicate shape changes screen- and gives wrong date
#247 closed Ecopath output> Value- non-market value not correct
#270 closed Ecospace Maps error on Baltic model
#274 closed Ecosim scenarios WILL NOT RUN without a fleet
#294 closed Fit to timeseries: vulnerability blocks
#334 closed Ecospace> edit basemap
#343 closed Less than half of all forcing functions loaded
#345 closed Ecosim Biomass not the same from EwE5 to EwE6
#350 closed Fishing rate shape missing from Run Ecosim / Fishing shape viewer
#368 closed making new model without saving last causes crash
#155 closed Adding or duplicating TS do not show up correctly
#183 closed Electivity not being calculated for detritus
#186 closed Ecosim parameters > proportion of base nutrients not making changes to biomass output
#268 closed Ecospace forms not changing when new scenario loaded
#286 closed Ecospace Habitat and Fishery set default value = ALL
#301 closed Ecosim > ApplyFF interface crashes under rare circumstances
#302 closed Create Ecospace scenario fails
#304 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dropdown lists do not update when creating or deleting scenarios
#308 closed Run Ecosim Crash on Click on Forcing when no Target is selected
#311 closed Ecosim Parameter> nutrient loading function crashed ecosim
#312 closed Change Group Color dialogue changes wrong index
#316 closed Ecosim nutrient forcing function can not be cleared
#319 closed Policy search > end year does not update gear
#321 closed General Remarks missing and (no selection) bug
#336 closed Mediation form: Define biomass percentage form hard to use
#339 closed Forcing function form
#341 closed Ecospace basemaps are blank (black)
#342 closed Ecospace species habitat assignments also assigned to `all`
#347 closed Duplicate shape: selecting 'cancel' on save prompt crashes application
#349 closed Deleted Mediation shape does not disappear from the Mediation form
#351 closed Change in number formatting
#363 closed Ecospace menu: save as. Can't save to existing name
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