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Milestone (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1576 Auqamaps import not showing x-axis data NOT SET 6.6 beta not assessed new 2018-05-23

Milestone Ecopath 6: Release 6.6 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1555 Advection direction is not obvious Ecospace 6.6 beta assessed new 2018-02-13
#1567 Apply shape dialog should show selected effect when row or col are clicked Ecosim 6.6 beta assessed new 2018-04-26
#1582 Cannot enter pedigree values outsude pre-defined classifications Pedigree 6.6 beta assessed jeroens new 2018-07-08

Milestone Ecopath 6: future version (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1400 Ecospace effort not distributing as expected Ecospace 6.4.3 not assessed joeb new 2015-12-14
#1359 Database dupliction fails Overall 6.4.2 assessed jeroens new 2014-09-30
#1395 More control needed for Ecospace fishery Ecospace assessed jeroens new 2015-10-02
#1425 Standardization of the number of decimal places assumed by the software Code 6.5 beta assessed new 2016-04-12
#1426 Ecospace results lost Ecospace 6.5 beta assessed jeroens new 2016-04-12
#1494 Ecopath migration in Ecospace Ecospace 6.5 beta assessed new 2016-06-13
#1384 Possible bug(s) in the EwE6 Statistics calculations Ecopath 6.4.3 not assessed new 2015-03-01
#1265 MSE plots should not display data before start year MSE 6.3.1 assessed joeb assigned 2013-08-28
#1311 Ecosim 'All fleets' item missing from fishing mortalities Ecosim assessed jeroens new 2013-11-30
#1357 Add ability to have non-feeding stanza life stages Ecopath 6.4.2 assessed new 2014-09-24
#1369 No warning when QB < PB Ecopath 6.4.3 assessed jeroens new 2014-11-04
#1396 0 should be a valid time series value Overall 6.4.4 assessed new 2015-10-08
#1408 Monte Carlo legend behaves strangely when running MC Overall GUI 6.5 beta assessed jeroens new 2016-02-12
#1439 No network analysis stop option Network Analysis plug-in 6.5 beta assessed jeroens new 2016-05-18
#1486 Add ecosystem TL over time Ecosim 6.5 beta assessed new 2016-06-09
#1505 Ecospace run - Catch plots are not drawing Ecospace 6.5 beta assessed jeroens new 2016-06-24
#1520 Add value per tonne as output Value Chain assessed jeroens new 2016-11-14
#1521 Value Chain flow needs customization options Value Chain assessed jeroens new 2016-11-14
#1522 Add Value Chain importer producers Value Chain assessed jeroens new 2016-11-14
#1523 Ecospace does not distribute effort for fleets that only discard Ecospace 6.5 assessed joeb new 2016-11-14
#1529 Add configurable time step to Model from Ecosim Ecopath from Ecosim plug-in 6.5 assessed jeroens new 2017-01-19
#1310 Policy search interface problems Fishing Policy Search 6.4 not assessed new 2013-11-30
#1312 FMSY problems MSY not assessed new 2013-11-30
#1313 Import Vulnerabilities does not seem to work Overall GUI 6.4 not assessed jeroens new 2013-11-30
#1389 Ecopath "Habitat area fraction" recalculates Biomass incorrectly for multi-stanza groups Ecopath 6.4.3 not assessed jeroens new 2015-06-10
#1542 Add ability to auto-save Ecospace summaries Ecospace 6.5 not assessed new 2017-11-10
#1320 cNetworkAnalysisManager.RunWithEcopath may not work when called from plugin Network Analysis plug-in 6.4 assessed new 2014-01-08
#1370 Make sure a model has all default pedigree levels Ecopath 6.4.3 not assessed jeroens new 2014-11-04
#1461 Overflow exception in MSE run NOT SET 6.5 beta not assessed new 2016-05-31
#1493 AIC differences between EwE and Stepwise Fitting Stepwise fitting plug-in 6.5 beta not assessed jeroens new 2016-06-13

Milestone NOT SET (60 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#588 Apply mediation to effort Ecosim assessed jeroens assigned 2009-03-18
#1020 Appendixes missing from user manual Documentation assessed new 2011-07-06
#1077 Ascendency and overhead (but not capacity) calculated on exports are wrong Network Analysis plug-in 6.3.1 NOT SET new 2012-01-29
#1181 Discard Mortality rate dialogue should be moved to MSE Ecosim 6.3.1 NOT SET new 2012-10-29
#14 Network Analysis: Predator cycling index with detritus requested Network Analysis plug-in assessed new 2006-08-04
#447 Primary producers as multi-stanza Core Computation assessed joeb assigned 2008-04-04
#471 EwE user's manual errors Documentation assessed villyc assigned 2008-05-13
#180 Auxillary data not copied when saving a scenario under a new name Overall GUI assessed jeroens assigned 2008-08-08
#733 EwE manual equation 15 is wrong Documentation assessed villyc assigned 2010-04-25
#786 Network Analysis PPR values in .csv file not clear Network Analysis plug-in 6.3.1 assessed villyc assigned 2010-10-05
#826 Handling of time series type 2 should be reconsidered Ecosim assessed new 2010-11-01
#844 Network Analysis export transfer efficiency in Ecosim CSV Network Analysis plug-in 6.3.1 assessed new 2010-11-15
#852 Add EwE5 'merge models' feature Database / Import assessed jeroens new 2010-12-01
#897 Have an 'undo' feature Overall GUI assessed jeroens new 2011-02-20
#898 Auto-backup of database Overall GUI assessed jeroens new 2011-02-20
#907 Add size shifted connectance plot Overall GUI assessed jeroens new 2011-03-02
#924 Add new model wizard Ecopath assessed jeroens new 2011-03-19
#940 Add interface to MC to set initial value + bounds on V per predator Monte Carlo assessed joeb new 2011-04-01
#983 Cleanup incorrect use of CoreComponentType Overall assessed new 2011-06-02
#1002 Add emergy calculations Network Analysis plug-in assessed new 2011-06-14
#1075 Large models crashing when Network analysis runs Network Analysis plug-in 6.3.1 assessed new 2012-01-14
#1076 Add means to manually add a plug-in that is not recognized Overall Plugins 6.3.1 assessed jeroens new 2012-01-14
#1088 Add ability to enter absolute Ecopath values (not corrected per area) Overall GUI assessed jeroens new 2012-02-29
#1089 Add alternate names to groups, fleets, etc Overall GUI assessed jeroens new 2012-02-29
#1102 Add BIGASC plug-in Overall Plugins assessed jeroens new 2012-05-29
#1123 Toggle graph scales Overall GUI 6.5 beta assessed jeroens new 2012-08-16
#1132 Protect Ecospace from over-allocating habitats Ecospace 6.3.1 assessed new 2012-08-29
#1145 Network Analysis Ecosim nodes should be listed under Ecosim Tools Network Analysis plug-in 6.3.1 assessed jeroens new 2012-10-04
#1185 Add time series type to insert egg production function via time series Overall assessed jeroens new 2012-10-30
#1186 Cannot leave remarks for forcing, egg prod and mediation assignments Ecosim assessed jeroens new 2012-11-01
#1190 Add file templates for common import tasks to the samples folder Overall assessed jeroens new 2012-11-02
#1214 Add silent install option Installation 6.3.1 assessed jeroens new 2013-01-09
#1215 Multisim error checking Multi-sim plug-in 6.3.1 assessed jeroens new 2013-01-10
#1224 Save MTI data with Network Analysis results Network Analysis plug-in 6.3.1 assessed jeroens new 2013-02-13
#1227 Show group breakdown by fleet catch Ecosim 6.3.1 assessed new 2013-02-19
#1247 EwE is fragile to mis-use when running Overall 6.3.1 assessed joeb assigned 2013-06-19
#1260 Add option to show Fleets in flow diagram Ecopath 6.3.1 assessed jeroens new 2013-08-28
#1283 BA input is incorrectly ignored in calculating Ecosim rates Ecosim 6.4.0 BETA assessed joeb new 2013-09-30
#1328 Add detailed breakdown of exports Ecopath 6.4 assessed new 2014-03-31
#1533 Monte Carlo BA preturbation does not perturb BA rate Monte Carlo 6.5 assessed joeb new 2017-06-06
#1551 Multiple contaminants in Ecotracer Contaminant tracing assessed new 2018-01-04
#445 Ecosim diagnostics: F-values Ecosim not assessed assigned 2008-04-02
#613 Monte Carlo biomass plot output Ecosim not assessed assigned 2009-05-20
#981 MSE effort inconsistent when fishing mortality TS loaded MSE 6.3.1 not assessed joeb new 2011-06-01
#1087 Fishing Policy iteration grid values are not intuitive Fishing Policy Search 6.3.1 not assessed new 2012-02-27
#1256 F in EwE6.3 Ecosim 6.3.1 not assessed new 2013-08-05
#1257 Ecospace IBM stops run due to Index out of bounds error Ecospace 6.3.1 not assessed joeb new 2013-08-16
#1348 Possible bug in Omnivory Index Ecopath 6.4.1 not assessed new 2014-06-20
#690 Show/hide groups settings are not saved with a model Overall GUI assessed villyc new 2010-03-05
#912 MSE Best/B plot should only show groups that are being caught MSE assessed joeb new 2011-03-09
#990 Ecosim Plots multiple runs Ecosim assessed new 2011-06-07
#1024 Variable time steps in Ecosim Ecosim assessed new 2011-07-12
#1058 Add price to Ecosim plots Ecosim assessed new 2011-11-18
#1128 Ecospace results should show a time series graph as well or instead of the summary data Ecospace 6.3.1 assessed new 2012-08-24
#403 Add Ecosim results stacked bar plot Ecosim not assessed assigned 2008-02-04
#1035 Ecosim effort time series not operating on model /creating own effort series Ecosim 6.3.1 NOT SET cathyb new 2011-08-04
#1038 Ecospace leaking discards into non-fished habitat boxes Ecospace 6.3.1 NOT SET cathyb new 2011-08-15
#1307 possible Monte Carlo bug Monte Carlo 6.4 NOT SET joeb new 2013-11-30
#759 Ecoseed: Layout too cramped for lower resolution monitors. Ecospace assessed jeroens assigned 2010-07-16
#1550 Change v's over time NOT SET 6.5 not assessed new 2017-12-09
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