15:39 Ticket #1040 (Ecospace throws an Exception after maps have been re-sized) created by joeb
1. Open an Ecospace scenario with a large number of cells. 1. Define a …
09:06 Ticket #1039 (Save Ecosim to CSV should export only visible plots) created by martac
It would be nice if Ecosim would save only selected plots to csv. Now it …


00:11 Ticket #1038 (Ecospace leaking discards into non-fished habitat boxes) created by cathyb
Discards are occurring in all boxes even though there are no fleets …


23:57 Ticket #1037 (Importing basemaps into Ecospace fails) created by cathyb
Apart from maybe one time, importing basemap data from csv files into …


00:16 Ticket #1036 (Group plots not workingin Ecosim) created by cathyb
I do not get any group plots working in Ecosim group plots


19:23 Ticket #1035 (Ecosim effort time series not operating on model /creating own effort ...) created by cathyb
I tried to run a scenario which has a time series of fishing efforts etc …


15:50 Ticket #1034 (Changes to Flow Diagram) created by jeroens
Is there anyway to prevent Ecopath from automatically placing names/labels …
15:49 Ticket #1032 (Mediation shape no longer seem to show the Ecopath baseline) closed by jeroens
unable to duplicate
08:39 Ticket #1033 (Pedigree values do not copy correctly) created by carieh
Hey guys Version I have entered the pedigree values before …


09:44 Ticket #1032 (Mediation shape no longer seem to show the Ecopath baseline) created by joeb
The mediation shapes are missing the Ecopath biomass base line
09:42 Ticket #1031 (Mediation and Price Elasticity shape clip X axis to number of Ecosim year) created by joeb
The X axis on Mediation and Price Elasticity sketch pad re-sizes with the …
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