03:08 Ticket #1306 (Exception killer) created by villyc
Occasional exception cripples EwE: System.DivideByZeroException? was …
03:07 Ticket #1305 (Multiple prompts when importing large time series datasets) created by sylvieg
I would like to see the feature to the import series: a button to say that …
03:04 Ticket #1304 (Folder selection not possible) created by sylvieg
I found a problem in MultiSim in the beta version. I cannot change the …


03:16 Ticket #1251 (Make Ecospace retain visiblity state of layers in BaseMap interface) closed by jeroens
fixed: Implemented in a very blunt way: layer visibility state is remembered by …
01:40 Ticket #1303 (Ecospace map does not respond immediately to map background colour changes) closed by jeroens
00:17 Ticket #1303 (Ecospace map does not respond immediately to map background colour changes) created by jeroens
The Ecospace maps do not immediately refresh when the user changes the map …


08:00 Milestone Ecopath 6: release 6.4 completed
05:14 Ticket #1302 (Pedigree interface too restrictive) closed by jeroens
fixed: Vikset
04:44 Ticket #1302 (Pedigree interface too restrictive) created by villyc
I was doing the pedigree for a model and noted that the table does not …
04:39 Ticket #1301 (Cannot load a new Ecospace scenario) closed by jeroens
fixed: New databases did not include the 'ExcludedMap?' field in the Ecospace …
04:37 Ticket #1301 (Cannot load a new Ecospace scenario) created by simong
Create a new Ecospace scenario in Beta 2 and it will not load


03:32 Ticket #1300 (Database not released properly when update fails) created by jeroens
If a database update in EwE fails it cannot be tried again; the database …


05:31 Ticket #1228 (Ecosim plots 'save' sometimes throws an error) closed by jeroens
03:59 Ticket #1299 (Crash in Ecosim) closed by jeroens
fixed: This can occur when closing Ecosim while it's running. I've made the code …
03:57 Ticket #1299 (Crash in Ecosim) created by justb
Yesterday, using Ecosim on Windows 7, I've got the next error report and …
03:05 Ticket #1298 (EwE does not find plug-ins) closed by jeroens
fixed: This error emerged when the .\plugins sub-folder was introduced, appending …
02:36 Ticket #1298 (EwE does not find plug-ins) created by samuelet
When launching EwE by double-clicking a database the plug-ins are not …


00:02 Ticket #1296 (64 bit start panel problems) closed by jeroens
unable to duplicate


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