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XML Code Documentation

Microsoft Visual Studio allows developers to write source code documentation, which can be compiled via third-party tools into API help files. This section explains how to generate EwE6 API help files from the EwE6 source code projects.

In the past, we used ?NDoc to create API documentation of our sources. The NDoc project was abandoned in 2007, but thankfully Microsoft now provides a tool called '?Sandcastle', which we suggest you to use:

Once Sandcastle and Sandcastle help file builder are installed, you can generate the EwE6 API help file:

The EwE6 API code documentation is automatically generated on a daily basis and is posted online. You can accessed this information  ?here.


Whether you write your own code, extend or hijack the Ecopath sources for illegitimate purposes, you may want to add code documentation of your own. Lots of information is available on XML tags supported in Visual Studio. A few comprehensive links are:

Handy but under-documented features

A few handy-dandy experiences that we want to share: