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     1== 7.16 EwE network analysis plugin == 
     2The Ecopath software links concepts developed by theoretical ecologists, especially the network analysis theory of Ulanowicz (1986), with those used by biologists involved with fisheries, aquaculture and farming systems research. The ''Network analysis'' component of Ecopath is included as a plugin under the ''Tools'' node under ''Parameterization'' in the ''Navigator window''. It can also be accessed from the ''Ecopath menu''. 
     4The output forms included in the plug in include: [[Trophic level decomposition.htm|Trophic level decomposition]], [[Flows and biomasses.htm|Flows and biomasses]], [[Primary production required.htm|Primary production required]], [[Mixed trophic impact.htm|Mixed trophic impact]], [[Ascendancy.htm#_Ascendancy|Ascendancy]], [[Cycles and pathways.htm|Flow from detritus]], [[Cycles and pathways.htm|Cycles and pathways]], [[Network analysis indices in.htm|Network analysis indices in Ecosim]]. The notes on these sections give only brief accounts of the concepts from theoretical ecology included in Ecopath. For complete descriptions, we refer to the literature cited in the respective sections. 
     6Note that because the network analysis feature is a plugin, the above components are accessed via a separate menu that is displayed when you select the ''Network analysis ''node (see Figure 7.4). You can re-size the ''Navigator window'' and the Network analysis menu by dragging the side of their respective windows. You can also hide the ''Navigator windo''w using the !AutoHide button ([[Image(wiki:EwEugImages:0300004C.png)]]) in the top corner of the window. 
     8Note: to be able to access the ''EwE Network Analysis Plugi''n, it must have been installed with EwE6. If you cannot access the ''EwE Network Analysis Plugin'', you may need to re-instal the software (see [[How to obtain the Ecopath with Ecosim 6 software.htm|How to obtain the Ecopath with Ecosim 6.0 software]]). During the setup process, you will be prompted to check a box to install the ''EwE Network Analysis Plugin''. 
     12'''Figure 7.4''' EwE Network Analysis Plugin menu.